To Infinity and Beyond

Buzz Lightyear

Toy Story is one of my all time fav films. I could go on raving about it until the end of time, but I’ll save you the agony.

I saw this film in 1996 and I remember being absolutely amazed at the sheer brilliance of the technology but more importantly, the imagination that went into creating this film. The universe that these toys inhibited, as well as the toys themselves felt so alive. Back then I had it on video rental and being the Asian that I am, I double taped it so I could watch it over and over again every week. I was so hooked.

Of course, I immediatetly warmed to the stubborn Buzz Lightyear. A space toy with an impressive wing span and a wicked laser to boot. He could also fly around the room with his eyes closed! This guy was fucking awesome.

Buzz also had a line that has transcended it’s way beyond the film, “To Infinity and Beyond”. As I kid, this line sounded pretty awesome and nothing more. But these days I can resonate with it more, as it feels more like a mantra and an outlook on life.

Over the years I’ve always wanted a Buzz action figure but I was either too poor to afford one, or when I could afford one the toys were pretty crappy. That was until just a few weeks ago when Disney/Pixar released the Super Deluxe Toy Story editions.

These toys were produced using the same digital files that made up the characters in the films. What does this mean? It means they’re the most accurate Toy Story toys ever.

Fuck yeah.

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