The Future of Video Games, today! (again)

Project Natal

Project Natal is Microsoft’s answer to the Wii.

The difference? It looks like it works better. There’s no physical controller per se  as it’s all controlled by camera, your voice and the 4th dimension. Basically your body IS the controller. So if you’re Jimmy No-Limbs then too bad.

When I saw the demo my head exploded, just like when I saw the Wii for the first time all those years ago. It was a rush of happiness forged by the endless possibilities that lay ahead. Then I got my hands on one and  was let down when the technology didn’t work as well as we dreamed. See kids? It’s not good to dream.

What’s galacticly exciting is that this alien technology will be available on the XBOX 360 soonish. That’s right, next-next gen console magic available today (well, for the developers only). 

“What about the possibilities it’ll bring beyond gaming?” Spock asks. Well now you can clap your hands and the optical disk tray will open. Endless possibilities, Spock. Endless…

Now with all this witchcraft, I wonder what the Nintendo camp is feeling. Or are they feeling anything at all? All they brought to E3 was a heart-beat sensor (true story). The only victim here will be Nintendo’s minutely affected sales.

Oh, by the way, Sony has an answer to the Wii too. It doesn’t have a proper name yet but let’s just call it the Disco Stick.

2 Responses to “The Future of Video Games, today! (again)”

  1. tim Says:

    I think it and the wii compliment each other, or at least aim for different markets. It seems microsoft is pushing forward in trying to replicate the real world, but I still like the simplification of the wii. It is just a game and it plays well within that and has fun with it.

    I’m more looking forward to the next generation of DS though and seeing what new innovation they’ll bring to that. Absolutely everyone has one here but slowly seeing more PSPs around as the DS is getting a bit retro.

  2. Jei Says:

    I agree with the compliment between the Wii and the Natal stuff. They’re entirely different markets. Spielberg already declared the Natal not only a game changer but may change the paradigm of story telling, which is pretty exciting yet so-so at the same time. I.e. At the end of the day, I just wanna blow up stuff.

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