So that was 2008

It was a good year.

In February I left the cosy nest that was Fluidx for a breath of fresh air.

I took 3 months off. I lay at home and wondered what my next move would be. I animated (abit), I drew (abit) and I took a holiday in Liberty City. It was the best thing I’ve done since I left college. So refreshing.

I even managed to score 6 free t-shirts. WOO

Heading towards the end of my break in June, I waned. I contemplated whether I wanted to be a Motion Designer or an Interactive Designer. Then it hit me. Why not be both? Why not combine motion graphics with the web? Rich Media is on it’s way, now is the time.

Among the horizon of agencies and web studios I stumbled upon this little place called Moon. And I never looked back.

In September, Rumble released it’s first feature length film: Maximum Choppage Round 2 in which I was involved with in the final year of the film. It was a long 4 year journey for Tim but the battle was well worth it. I created the microsite for the film as well as it’s opening titles. Combining full time work with an intense after-work work schedule to fit these jobs in totally killed me. I won’t be getting involved with a crazy schedule again. ;)

For my birthday I recieved one of the greatest cakes ever (equally as awesome as the Thomas the Tank Engine cake I got when I was a wee lad). The Steve Jobs cake was so awesome that it got caught up in the interwebs and was photoshopped!

So that was 2008. And it was a good year.

Oh, you can also order me as a pleasure machine at Sim Division. Order me now and I’ll love you long time.

2 Responses to “So that was 2008”

  1. Fiona Says:

    Glad it was a good year for you. Hope this year would be even better!!!
    Have you got your “year of” yet? hehe

  2. Adam Says:

    Most excellent indeed. I heart 2008 as well, it had a lot of great points!

    Taking 3 months off, just to do stuff… that would be awesome to do again hahaha. Maybe *then* we’d have time to do a ninjaman sequel haha!

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