PWNED by the water

I love water. And I love action.

When I heard we were going white water rafting for Julian’s farewell, I punched the air with excitement. I’ve been wanting to hit the rapids for ages. I think I even considered doing it for my birthday two years ago, but like most awesome ideas it never came into fruition.


To cut to the chase – I got pwned. I only lasted halfway.

Let me explain: there’s an area in the course that has a dip in the floor where the raft is able to sit there and not progress further down the track. It’s weird.

Known as “boat surfing” the objective is to simply survive. The raft tosses and turns as water gushes down around you at a ferocious pace. Half the time the raft was near enough an angle to tip over. I took it too seriously to a point that it triggered a life or death situation – I did not want to die.

At times when the raft was pretty much on it’s side, I held onto dear life. My arse was in the air about 5 times but I was able to hold on because of my massive arms. :)

I don’t think I’ve ever held onto anything so hard before. I soon used up all my strength and eventually fell into the water. Man, falling into that thing is crazy. You have no idea where everything is. It was falling into a whale’s mouth or something. Swimming at 150%, I was able to grab onto the barrier just before the decent. Realising someone was being washed away right below me, I failed at grabbing them in time. So they were sucked into the decent. It was pretty funny.
At that point someone shouted, “Let go!”. So I did. The next 4 seconds were a blur. Being tossed and turned in the rapids was freaky. I had no idea where the walls were so it was pretty scary not knowing what your face was going to smash onto.

Luckily someone threw a rope and I hung onto it for dear life.

I’ve never been so exhausted. I seriously got pwned.

The last time I was pwned was when my Counter Strike team got slaughtered 7 years ago. It was bad. It was an embarrasing day. We went home with so much defeat we huddled in the shower and cried.

2 Responses to “PWNED by the water”

  1. halley Says:

    hahaha. fail.

  2. Stephen Mok Says:

    ROFL!!!!!!!!! Best. Defeat. Comparison. Ever!!!! :D

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