Google Chrome


It was bound to happen – Google has stepped into Web Browser territory.

“Chrome” is the latest product from the company’s “in the clouds” idealism. It’s based on webKIT, the engine that Safari uses so you can bet it’ll be super quick!

Intriguingly, the features of this proposed new wonder browser is showcased in a pleasant comic drawn by legend Scott McCloud. Some noteables include:

* Made for the Future – Super stability in anticipation for more web based apps
* Independent Tab Ecosystems – Great to see things like java, memory and all that nonsense encapsulated in individual tabs. So if one tab crashes, the rest are unaffected.
* Jailhouse for baddies – A perimeter box is set around baddies like malware etc, so they’re unable to read credit card details; or are not permitted to write to your hard drive etc.

Looking good!

Enough of my babbling, read the comic here.

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