World’s First Internet Balloon Race


I’ve been loving Pokelondon for about a few years now (I really hope to work there one day actually) and now I love them even more when I found out they were working on this massive project World’s First Internet Balloon Race for Orange. Simply, you make a balloon and race it across hordes of internet sites hoping you’ve flown the furthest after a few days.

Trying to figure out how they did this is mind boggling. You just have to see it to believe it. It’s probably one of the more interesting projects I’ve seen this year.

Pampador, my balloon, is currently coming 5 361st. Which is pretty amazing since he was coming around 27 000th a few days before.

I’ve also noticed two people gave my balloon a boost! Sadly, I don’t know who they are. Let me know who you are in the comments section so I can return the favour!

3 Responses to “World’s First Internet Balloon Race”

  1. Tiffany Says:

    I was going to ask you what it was. I saw it on the design crowd website, then I saw it on your facebook.
    I still don’t really get what it is.

  2. Adam Says:


  3. tri Says:

    you need 5 people to click on the button to get a boost, i gave you a boost aswel.

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