Our new patio. Now I can say, “Let’s have a patio party!”

Mum picked out the orange. Nobody was too keen on it at first, but it’s kind of grown on me ;)

7 Responses to “Patio”

  1. tri Says:

    Let’s party, seriously. imagine bringning your laptop outside with your coffee browsing porn…. ah.

  2. Fiona Says:


  3. tim Says:

    holy big ass patio batman. it’s the size of 3 tokyo apartments.

  4. Jei Says:

    Porn and coffee doesn’t mix. I prefer Dr. Pepper.

  5. tiffany Says:

    wow it’s huge

  6. phil Says:

    err so when is the party?? seriously it looks awesome

  7. mayhem Says:

    mad pimping dude!

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