Apple Store Chatswood

Adam has found the Apple store in Chatswood.

Australia will soon have two places of worship for the Apple faithful (the other is on George St, Sydney).

5 Responses to “Apple Store Chatswood”

  1. Adam Says:

    here’s hoping TUAW pick up my tip and post it ;)

  2. Gary Says:

    Don’t know about TUAW, but I’ve posted a mention of this, since it confirms the exact location that everyone has been speculating about.

  3. Gary Says:

    By the way, this is Chatswood Chase, right? And I can tell it’s next to space 023, but where exactly in the mall is the barricade located?

  4. Jei Says:

    Yes! According to Adam, it is indeed in Chatswood Chase!

  5. Adam Says:

    Yep its in the chase, ground floor (level numbers are odd in the chase, it goes lower ground, ground, 1, 2). Its right near the victoria avenue street entrance, you can see that off to the left hand side

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