Steve Jobs tee


For me, the time between visits to stores like General Pants is long – more than 12 months even. Why? I just feel awkward going into them because 90% of the time they’re filled with twats and douche-bags getting the latest gear to fit in with or to impress they’re twat-like friends. Most of them even have this superiority complex against those who are unfashionable.


(Don’t forgot I said 90% of them are twats. Not all. The other 10% are good people who just want good looking clothes. Much respect.)

I remember one time my mate and I went into the G-Star store on George St. When we walked in the guy at the counter gave us the old look-down because of our peasant-like clothes or something. Douchetard, if I indeed were a peasant, I’d stab you with a pitchfork already.

Anyhow I realised my wardrobe needed an upgrade in the t-shirt department and I’ve been worshiping the God that is Steve Jobs. What better way to combine the two? He’s the creator and saviour of Apple computers. With his enchanting wizardry he transformed fugly beige computers into beautiful objects that belong in art galleries. Oh, and he also invented the friggin’ iPod. Have you heard of it?

I’m thinking of printing up some Steve Jobs shirts. Haven’t settled on the final graphic yet, but that’s the image I’m using. I’m also thinking of putting my other heroes on shirts like Pharrel and Buble. See how it goes.

This iz all for fun, so if you iz interested, let me knowz if yaz want one – I’ll just bill you for the printing cost. ;)

7 Responses to “Steve Jobs tee”

  1. Adam Says:

    Definitely ;)

  2. Stephen Mok Says:

    Douchetard, if I indeed were a peasant, I’d stab you with a pitchfork already.

    LOL… gold!

  3. tri Says:

    mate, you’ve done it

  4. Houmer Says:

    Awesome, Put me down for one~!

    + I’m interested in the other shirts you had in mind…keep us in the loop!

  5. jo Says:

    oh, i might be interested!

  6. halley Says:

    i am definitely interested.

    and i am interested in you pulling out an erotic side to your t-shirts (you may probably expect an idea like that from me). have your favourite lady on your t-shirt. i could help you out with that, and you know i will/can. :D.. and i have the resources. hahaha.

    (have asian chicks on your shirt, it’s not a racial thing, but they don’t look like you’re advertising a celebrity). if you know what i mean? i’ll explain more if you want.

  7. Jei Says:

    Oh halley…

    Your collection astounds me. I haven’t seen a bigger collection then yours.

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