1900 pages of Tolkien goodness


I wouldn’t say I’m the super duper number one fan of Tolkien’s works, but I do love them to itsy bitsy bits. I’m hoping to get through all of them by the end of my 2 month break.

I’ve already read the Hobbit when I was in high school and remember reading through two thirds of the book within the first weekend (which is alot for me). I adored it so much I’m gonna read it again. The Children of Hurin I read last year when it was released and I must say it is a big tale of woe. Like, zomg the ending! I felt like jumping off a cliff.

Next in the line up will be the Silmarillion. To be honest, I’m trying to read everything else I can before I tackle the big bitch – The Lord of the Rings. I know it’ll be great, but the last time I read a 900 page book was Rainbow Six by Tom Clancy a few years ago – and that took me 6 months….

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