About friggin’ time


I’ve been hoping one day the story of Genghis Khan would come to the silverscreen since we’ve got all heard the King Arthur, Joan of Arc, and other historical epics.

Well my wish has finally come true!

I would’ve preferred it to be a Ridley Scott production, but oh well…

For the unexcited, Genghis Khan was one big badarse who had the largest empire in history. He practically took over Asia, and if he hadn’t died he could’ve taken over Europe as well. “How Johnny, how?!” I hear you ask. His triumphs may have been largely contributed by his “run and gun” technique. His troops were the only ones in the world that were able to ride their horses and shoot arrows AT THE SAME TIME!

Enemy troops who hadn’t met Genghis in battle were always enticed into riding after Genghis’ retreating pretending troops. This was always a death note for the enemy as while Genghis’ troops were riding away they would always unleash a shower of arrows…


Seems like a pussy way to mow down the enemy but at least it wasn’t as wussy as the British longbows….

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