Another chapter closes

Ok, I officially left work yesterday. Now I’m free for the next two months doing whatever I want…


Now what?

6 Responses to “Another chapter closes”

  1. Adam Says:

    Congrats on finishing g. Do the soul searching, find something fun ;) Plus we should all do a call of duty lan to celebrate haha

  2. Jei Says:


    we must hijack Jason’s or Julian’s.

  3. Stephen Mok Says:

    As if the answer could be anything other than Call of Duty 4 (while you relax a bit for the time being anyway ;)!

  4. may Says:

    YEAH MAN, Phoreals! We gotta hook up, becasue no doubt it’s gonna be dope like a dwarf!

  5. Fi Says:

    Draw cool stuff! AND SEE US! We haven’t seen you for ages, Johnny!!

    And COD4? Pffffft…

  6. Jase Says:

    Phoreal’s world tour.

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