Hello world

I’m finally on broadband.

It’s amazing. ; )

7 Responses to “Hello world”

  1. Tiffany Says:

    are you for real?

    i had no idea!

  2. Jei Says:


  3. tim Says:

    after u download a few GBs of porn u might be able to like.. start posting on your blog again

  4. Stephen Mok Says:

    You could even kill two birds with one stone… and just upload all the porn back to your blog again! :P

  5. Jimmeh Says:

    damn… guess im the only one left with 56k now…=(

  6. silentNinja Says:

    the silentNinja also has broadband now… *stealth*

  7. jules Says:

    i rarely post a comment on here, but i think this is one of those key turning points in life for you johnny!! its probably comparable to something like your 21st, so good work, and invite us over for call of duty 4 already, and assassins creed when it comes out on wednesday.

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