Scumbag ’07

Great to see my Ninjaman buddies producing some great stuff under their own Subversive Games banner. Coinciding with the elections coming up in a few weeks, Scumbag ’07 is a modified version of an earlier game they made which had our politicians trading insults school yard style.

Lol, a beautiful-looking game dudes. The characters are just too funny.

Ps. I would’ve like it more if the insults were updated as well, maybe some reflecting Howard’s caterpillar eyebrows or K.Rudd’s ear-wax eating habibts.

** update **

I forgot to mention that the game even has it’s own news article. Well done boys!

2 Responses to “Scumbag ’07”

  1. Adam Says:

    Front page on on friday ;)

  2. Jo Says:

    no way!
    awesomely cool!

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