Made a folio for the corporate stuff.

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  1. Adam Says:

    Absolutely love it. I wish my website work was making sites more like that, rather than hand-tied sites like I have to lol. I can feel the sexiness in the code haha

    Looks really nice. I’m becoming a fan of this 100% width/height/noscale flash bizzo too. I’d like to use it for more cool projects later. Works great with a continually scrolling thing like that..

    We’ll use a little of that for the annual this year. Click the persons image to go full screen. So even if we work in flash at 10×7 res, and they use it on a big ass screen with lots of white space around it, we’ll tap into the white space and centre the image to use a lot more of the room.

    Miss ye in the annual meetings darl ;) Stevo is getting into it now I think!

  2. Jei Says:

    haha ta mate.

    My coding skills are still noob atm. Atm there’s only about 9 work items and I can feel abit of slowdown.

    But I’m sure you AS2 and AS3 coders can speed things up abit. ;)

  3. kris.t!n.e Says:

    looking good!!.. envious of all the actionscript skills

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