New Apple keyboard

Love the new Apple keyboard. It’s just like the keyboard on my Mac Book, which feels so good everytime I press a key.

I was about to place an order for the non-wireless version of these bad boys when I realised the non-wireless one is butt-ugly on it’s side. Not only that but the USB ports are on the side instead of at the top like the previous generation Apple keyboards. To me, this new USB port layout feels clumsy and cluttered.

Oh well.

The new iMacs are hot too. Fits my design sensibilities perfectly.

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— EDIT —

I’m gonna get it anyway, it’s too hot.

3 Responses to “New Apple keyboard”

  1. Stephen Mok Says:

    Why aren’t you getting the wireless version?!

  2. Jei Says:

    * I’m not gonna walk around with a keyboard
    * It’s an additional $30-$40
    * half the keyboard is missing
    * it looks like it was cut out of a macbook

  3. Stephen Mok Says:

    Ah, I didn’t realise it was smaller. I thought the layouts were identical.

    (But don’t dismiss walking around with keyboards too easily… my wireless one has been a godsend since I broke my arm! ;)

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