Polar Clock 3.0

I’m a big fan of Pixel Breaker‘s PolarClock, and it’s great to see that he’s remade the engine from scratch using Flash CS3 and Action Script 3 so it runs so much smoother.

I just love how it’s so simple yet, so beautiful.

(Ps. I feel so noob with my Action Script 1 skills…)

3 Responses to “Polar Clock 3.0”

  1. Stephen Mok Says:

    Yeah PolarClock is awesome… I just gotta work out how to put it on my desktop instead of having it as a screensaver (on Windows of course).

  2. tim Says:

    think i’m missing something here..
    what’s the allure?

  3. Jei Says:

    I duno, it’s not that practical compared to normal clock, but its a nice way of presenting time imo.

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