I used to be a size 32 in the trouser/jeans/pants/anything that covers the leg department, but over the years with alot of beer and sitting in front of the computer 50 hrs a week, my gut has expanded quite abit.

The plan was to excercise to lose the gut so I’d be able to fit in my size 32 size without discomfort (I haven’t been able to button it up). But that plan was more than 6 months ago, so I gave up and decided to get a pair of budget jeans from Myers.

Yep, budget jeans.

($300 jeans?! A Jedi needs not these things)

4 Responses to “34”

  1. tim Says:

    ah yes the 32 or 34 conundrum
    i know it well young jedi

  2. Jimmeh Says:

    aaahh jay man you’re getting fat =( nooooo…

    come to the gym with meh~ LOL and run in the city2surf…you’ll lose those extra two sizes guarenteed *thumbs up* :p

  3. Stephen Mok Says:

    So are you gonna get all pissy like chicks do and bitch and cry cos you don’t fit in your old jeans any more? ;)

  4. Jei Says:

    Already done that, for a week…

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