Spiderman 3

I gotta be frank. Thumbs down for me.

Awesome seeing Venom and Sandman though.

This is the best Spiderman mostly because it’s “funny”. It’s got “funny” scenes. But, the movie is just…. so lame. There are hoards of scenes where, fuck, it’s just so corny and lame it’s not funny.

Peter Parker having emo hair? Wtf. Peter Parker dancing like his on broadway? Wtf. Catching Spiderman webslinging right in front of an American flag in a way that it screams “America owns the world”? Like, wtf-fuck.

(I would see it again on DVD though)

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  1. Jo Says:

    Haven’t seen it yet, but are you really surprised the third was a dud compared to the others? You could see Spidey going downhill at the end of the second one with the whole, messiah like handing the body over people’s heads scene.

    Also: Matrix 3, X Mex 3, Terminator 3, even Scary Movie 3+ were all significantly worse off than their predecessors. Thirds are always left overs from the first two – lame lines and easy money making.

  2. Jei Says:


    you seen The Return of the King? (Lord of the Rings 3). Best one of them easily. Well for me anyway.

  3. Jimmeh Says:

    hmmm i quite liked the matrix trilogy itself…the xmen 3 wasn’t so bad either, it brought a nice end to the triple DVD box set. Terminator 3 was horrible and tacky and i’ve never watched the scary movie franchise.

    I suppose the first ones are so good coz they’re new and fresh but after that it just becomes an ‘oh, another spiderman movie’. We expect them to be better than the last ones and i don’t think we should.

    I rekon Spiderman3 does what Xmen3 is trying to do, bring the story to a nice close for a triple DVD box set. You dont watch the movie because it’s plot is awesome or coz it’s cg is amazing. You watch it simply coz… well, coz it’s spiderman ahahha

    wow, that was pretty long

  4. mayhem Says:

    What really impressed me was that they did Sandman entirely in FLASH. Infact, i think they also cut the whole movie with Windows Movie Maker. Well, thats what a reliable source told me.

    And on trilogy’s, ‘Back to the Future 3’ and ‘Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade’, in my opinion were better then their predeseccors.

  5. Jei Says:

    Are u serious. Made in Flash and Windows Movie Make. That’s gota be a big joke.

  6. Jimm3h Says:

    But with Back to the Future 3, its actually an entire trilogy. It’s plot spans 3 entire movies. Same goes for the LOTR series. Sure they easily could’ve stopped after the first one…but that’s not the point…

    with Spiderman and Xmen and Terminator…for each part release, their stories had nothing to do with the previous ones save for their characters. And i think thats what made them a bit ‘meh’ to watch…

    lol well for me anyways

  7. Jo Says:

    “Peter Parker dancing like his on broadway?”
    Just saw it last night – dancing is putting it in a positive light. It was more of a creepy strutt and then some… Tobey Maguire officially scares me. :(

    I can’t believe Emo infiltrated Spiderman!!

    Yes, the film was a cheese fest and kinda long. I wanted to nap in the boring “love” bits. Didn’t work anywhere near as well as the first one.

    Cheese. Cheese. Cheese. Quadruple Cheese.

  8. tim Says:

    the films are totally connected and I believe from the out set it was always intended to be 3 films.
    don’t think anyone’s mentioned Return of the Jedi?

    Also Terminator 1, Matrix 2 and X Men 1 all sucked. Come on, be realistic now..

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