On Bended Knees

Have I posted this before? I’ve pimped this video quite a few times in the last few years that I’ve forgotten where I pimped it. Anyway, yeah. Made this for high school graduation back in 2002. Back when I was sexy sexier.

7 Responses to “On Bended Knees”

  1. tim Says:

    lol. you do realise you did just put that on the internet.

  2. Adam Says:

    ++ tim.

    Oh johnny, how this changes my understanding of you :D

  3. Jei Says:

    It’s not that bad is it? cmon…

    I even had some of the ladies comment “Jei is dayom SXC!!!!” and “dude with the white shades is fine”.


  4. Jo Says:

    Posting as random girls to compliment yourself does not count Johnny.

    However, funny video – hehe you look like Nick Carter during his bowl haircut days… ahem.

  5. Jei Says:

    that hurt jo, that hurt.

  6. Jo Says:

    Which part? The Nick Carter reference or the compliments?

    You know I’m kidding – except for the Nick thing… that was a half compliment.

  7. Jimm3h Says:

    hey mang lol nice vid hahahaha i wanna do something like that but gotta find the time, people and equipment >

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