Jam Sessions on DS gives me hope

For the past few years I’ve dreamed of being able to bring out an accoustic guitar and rock it like John Mayer. But through countless attempts I suck balls and can only play the tune for N.E.R.D’s “She wants to move” and something that I call “autumn morning coffee music” which is really just two variations of the D-chord.

But alas! Ubisoft are bringing out a title called Jam Sessions that lets you strum your DS screen as if it were a real guitar! Add the ability to play different chords and I’m one step closer to becoming a rock star! – with a DS in hand. If I can get a gig through this I’ll let you know. ;)
* image from Joystiq.com

2 Responses to “Jam Sessions on DS gives me hope”

  1. tim Says:

    John Mayer.. rock..


  2. Jei Says:

    lol shuddup.

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