The deal with flowers


Yeah, I don’t understand the power that they possess. Yesterday was Valentine’s Day and I gave the missus a drawing. You could say thought went into it. To cut to the chase, we got home and low and behold on the kitchen table was my sister’s Valentine’s Day present from her bf. What was it? It was a square-vase thing with a mother fucken bunch of mother fucken flowers. They were arranged in a way that made both my sister and the missus smile from ear to ear. Yeah, that’s great.

To be honest, I think flowers are thoughtless. Anyone can buy flowers. I almost came close to stepping into a flower shop and asking for the finest bunch of roses. But no. Flowers wilt, flowers die, and fuck, they put every thoughtful gift to shame. And how? “Because it looks pretty”.

5 Responses to “The deal with flowers”

  1. Adam Says:

    Total shame man. If it were from you mate, I’d take a personally designed and crafted johnny gift over flowers any day ;)

    Flowers may be pretty, but where’s the soul..

  2. tfie Says:

    flowers are beautiful. you walk in a room with flowers sitting on a table and the smell and colours so easily bring a smile to your face.

    i used to think they were useless and a waste. but it’s because some people so rarely buy them that it makes it special to have.

    but i’m not a fan of roses.

  3. Jei Says:

    that’s hogwash!

  4. tim Says:

    maybe meet half way..
    a drawing that incorporates (real) flowers some how.
    when the flowers are dead and gone she’d still have the drawing to keep.


  5. Susan Says:

    Flowers ARE a thoughtful gift.

    if u know it makes a girl smile like ^______________^ (THAT BIG!!) then why not get her some “mother fucken bunch of mother fucken flowers.”

    i like tim’s idea.

    p.s. i do love love LOVE the drawing. it makes me smile and i look at it every morning (i know its only been two days since i got it, but i look at it when ever im in my room).

    p.s.s. stop negging the flowers. u knoowwww theyre pretty.

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