Happy Feet is Okay-ish

I saw Australia’s feature 3d animation debut this morning with Happy Feet. I still don’t like what they’ve done with the characters – they all look samey. It’s hard to distinguish them apart from their voices. Mumbles (our protagonist played by Elijah Wood) is the easiest to pick out since he has puberty problems and still keeps his baby fur.

So the movie is marketed as a dance-happy-musical thing, and does it succeed? It’s abit “hmm”. Half the time you’ll be gasping at the beautiful scenery, a third of the time you won’t be amazed whenever Mumbles is tapping (no not the erotica move!), and a quarter of the time you’d be getting all gushy and warm inside when the baby penguins walk and talk. I thought the movie would be more funny but I guess I was anticipating it to be.

If you’ve seen the March of the Penguins, then you’ll feel right at home with Happy Feet – everything is familiar. The animations are realistic and most often cute, capturing the essence of penguins (you’ll know when you see it). I’m not convinced with the up-close feet tapping animations though – even if they used iceberg loads of motion capture. Actually, I’m not convinced with the whole feet tapping thing at all. And the smooth penguin skin texture could’ve been better. Otherwise, a good effort from peeps at Animal Logic.

Now lets see how Surf’s Up compares with its more characterised penguins…

3 Responses to “Happy Feet is Okay-ish”

  1. tim Says:

    surf’s up WTF?
    really liked that scene where big Z was riding the big wave.. but then, fuck me dead, someone turned the cliche`d load of crappola machine onto full blast.


  2. Jei Says:

    At least you could tell which one was Big Z

  3. toan Says:

    I thought the overall message of the movie is great, it made me stop and think about the environment. Anywayz great triumph for the aussies, GO AUSSIES!!!!

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