The difference with $80 boardshorts is the secret comb

6 Responses to “The difference with $80 boardshorts is the secret comb”

  1. tim Says:

    never could understand those things..

    are we seeing the return of a photoblog?
    should buy a holga or a lomo and have some fun with it

  2. kris.t!n.e Says:

    those ‘combs’ are used to apply wax on to surfboards with the smooth end, and the end with the ‘teeth’ is used to rough up the surface to form grip.

  3. Jei Says:


    as if im gonna go surfing

  4. Jei Says:

    and wtf is a holga/lomo?

  5. kris.t!n.e Says:

    It’s a camera brand… medium format 120mm negs usually 5″x4″….
    i wish i can buy one too… they’re fun to use.. and plus i still have some unused negs

  6. tim Says:

    they’re also “toy” cameras so they’re dirt cheap and straight forward to use.

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