I make a lot of useless shit that nobody sees. This would be one of them.

5 Responses to “invertmethoddotnet”

  1. kris.t!n.e Says:

    Funky, playing with it made me go crossed-eyed and dizzy—Crazy coding I bet…

  2. Ayumi Says:

    hey, thats really cool. Might be more interesting tho if the tiles form up a picture or something, and when the tiles fly back they could have a new picture on them. This might be more constructive criticism than you feel like on ur site, but I just think its the beginning of something more interesting. But good work anyway.

  3. Jei Says:

    Thanks for the kind words Ayumi. Yes I could make something fancy like the thing u mentioned but with the small amount of free time that i have these days I just can’t be bothered. ;)

  4. Stephen Mok Says:


  5. tfie Says:

    wooow O_O
    i really like that

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