Sony kills Lik-Sang; I get pissed off

WARNING: Lots of curse-words used.

Reading this pissed me fucken pissed me off to the shit house. In short, Lik-Sang is a software/hardware importer. Any game you want, you can get it – legally. It was a great site. It was where I imported a game for the very first time. Easy to do, friendly service, and they even included a nice “8bit” sticker and heaps of foamy pieces with the box that my game came in. It was a haven where I could get games waaaaaaaaaay before they were released here in Australia.

Now the imcompetent mother fuckers at Sony who delayed their PS3 PAL region European and Australian releases (because of the lack of the blue dye needed for the blue ray discs) are sueing Lik-Sang for providing import oppurtunities for the NTSC PS3 models (which are released very soon). The result of the lawsuit? Lik-Sang is no longer alive. Honestly, I don’t see a problem with shelling out some extra cash to import a console if your desperate. But I DO see a problem when an imcompetent corporation decides to sue a importer for some extra cash, and leaving them out of business as well. Why should Lik-Sang pay the price for fucken Sony’s fucken fuck up? I think I’m going red with rage as I type this and I think I can feel a little steam coming outa the ears… The article goes further saying that Copyright infringes were made. Mother fuck-fuck, they’re just looking for anything to shut Lik-Sang down. Do I hear Nintendo or Microsoft sueing? Why doesn’t Sony sue Ebay where there are a gajillion offers to buy/import the PS3 for redicumondeous prices? FUCKKKKKKK.

This is a big blow to the import gaming market. I was going to order Cooking Mama next month as well. Now I can’t. And it shits me. Alot.
And of course, now I hate the PS3 leader Ken Katuragi even more. Not only do I want to drive over his face numerous times, but I want to shit in his mouth as well.

Sure I could find a new importer but fuck, I’m just too lazy.

Now let us have a minutes silence for Lik-Sang. *salutes*

7 Responses to “Sony kills Lik-Sang; I get pissed off”

  1. nivek Says:

    geez, its only a gaming retailer, chill before you bust a thumb, well at least you’re not going around filming yourself trashing shit and making a DVD of it. Game on! :D

  2. Jei Says:

    no….. YOU CHILL!


  3. Jei Says:

    btw, who made a dvd of themselves trashing stuff? i would like to see

  4. Stephen Mok Says:

    You can still import things from overseas yourself. What about

  5. Jei Says:

    nice, tang tang Stevo.

  6. jasey Says:

    You’re still going to get a PS3 though. You’ve already sold your soul :)

  7. Jei Says:

    ha yeah prolly.

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