Saving the world

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been wondering to myself what I’ve done to better the world. This only came about when I found out a friend of mine is dating a bloke that coached underprivileged kids basketball, eventually making them good enough to play in “1st” world countries such as the USA and Australia. The bottom line is that he’s giving these kids a chance in life, he’s making a difference in the world. A selfless person, rather than selfish.
Now what have we done to better the world? I now ponder where I stand and what I can do to make this planet a better place for humans, the environment or even the animals.

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  1. Stephen Mok Says:

    Johnny, you don’t have to have lofty goals about what you want to do and have a 3-year plan for saving the planet, the human race or yes, little cute animals.

    Just make sure that if and whenever the opportunity ever arises where you can make a difference, make an effort.

  2. tim Says:

  3. Jei Says:

    cheers tim

  4. toan Says:

    i knew you are a hippie,

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