my new lifeBook

6 Responses to “my new lifeBook”

  1. kris.t!n.e Says:

    a very abstract image… what is it exactly.?…

  2. kris.t!n.e Says:

    ahhhhh.. I get it…nice…
    i finally saw the Apple insignia..
    all i was seeing before was a white rounded rectangle on brown..
    very smart… i can’t believe i didn’t spot it…
    emjoy it!

  3. tim Says:

    finally he posts it!
    where’s the mac love?

  4. Jei Says:

    the love is in my pants tim, its in my pants.

  5. Homy Says:

    Mate congrats im sure you will love it…..just make sure you get that Ram upgrade and your set.

  6. Jei Says:

    one thing… it still doesn’t make coffee….

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