Nintendo-goes-Apple (even closer)

Adding fuel to the Nintendo-goes-Apple phenomenon, Nintendo decides to replicate the standard preloader animation that one would see in most Apple software.

— Edit —
Stephen’s not happy with me letting Nintendo slip without bagging it out (thought I did type the initial entry with negative connotations). So here it is: Nintendo, you lazy bastards! Make your own standard of cool! It’s obvious that they’ve decided to jump on the minimalistic bandwagon, but making it so its passable as a near-Apple product? That’s just lazy. The DS Phat was the last of the old Nintendo as the DS Lite is the beginning of the “new” Nintendo – a phase that I would like to dub “iNintendo”. Honestly, the blue hues are the only distinguishing factor between the two brands. If Nintendo decides to take on the brush-metal theme as well then, fuck…

Though I’m semi-pro about the “Wii” as an actual product name, I still feel uneasy at the fact that the logo looks like the Sony Walkman/MD logo/brand thing.

Then again, everybody copies

5 Responses to “Nintendo-goes-Apple (even closer)”

  1. Stephen Mok Says:

    So how come you’re not hacking on Nintendo for copying Apple? If this was say, a Redmond-based software company doing it…

  2. Adam Says:

    I think that nintendo preloader anim has slightly more ‘petals’ than the stock apple one, but otherwise yes, nigh on exact concept.

    Nintendo are doing the cool image ok thus far.

    If it were microsoft, stephen.. ;)

  3. nivek Says:

    I think its called appropriation?

  4. Jei Says:

    I haven’t heard of that since highschool

  5. susan Says:

    yeah nivek, shutup!

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