Using art to pick up is so wrong…

There’s a funny story behind this one: I was actually in class doodling this on my arm, hoping “cleverage girl” would take notice. It didn’t work, and I felt like a tool.

Actually I felt like a complete tosser. It haunts me to this very day.

4 Responses to “Using art to pick up is so wrong…”

  1. Vheeona Says:

    Oh I remember the day you drew that. ahahahhah!
    in a way I miss that class… actually come to think of it, no not at all..

  2. Jei Says:

    Honestly, I feel like that’s the dumbest thing I did…

    I feel like jumping off a bridge…

  3. tim Says:

    “It haunts me to this very day.”
    so you put it as the header image of your blog..


  4. Jei Says:

    shuddup tim.

    i like the way it looks…

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