Quite amazing what you can find on youtube. Today I found little snippets from a childrens show that I used to love. Back in those days I would eagerly wait until 4:50pm, then pump up the volume for another dose of Pocoyo. Oh and another thing, it was only on the ABC since last year. They’ve only made 50 or so episode and you can bet your sweet arse that once it hits the streets in DVD form, I’ll be there first in line to get them – I’ll even beat up little toddlers if they’re in my way.

Below is an advert, along with a pilot episode and one of the episodes (gawd I luv that duck). It’s funny how much it’s changed from the pilot. The animation style became more like stop-motion (it’s animated in 3D), the narrator changed (I quite like his voice), and Pocoyo and the rest of his chums became so much more f*cking charming. I love it. In fact, I like Pocoyo more than that over-hyped red monster that they call Elmo.

Thanks to my baby sister Kylie who would scream my name everytime Pocoyo was on.

5 Responses to “POCOYO FEVER (again)”

  1. jimm3h Says:

    what if your little sister was in the line and got in your way?

  2. Jei Says:

    Then that’s HER problem. ha!

  3. Linda Says:

    Ahh! I love Pocoyo! He rocks. I love it! xD

  4. jimm3h Says:

    that’s RIGHT! YOU show her whoz boss!!~

  5. kris.t!n.e Says:

    i can’t remember pocoyo… but it’s soo cute!!