The Paper Pirate: Sneak Peek #1

Behold! A 2-3 second sneak peak from a scene I’ve been working on. It’s been converted to black and white because the colour palette of the animation is still yet to be locked down. I’ve also been experimenting with the overall look of the animation. At the moment, it looks “dreamier” than what I had in mind. I quite like it actually, yet I’m still unsure how the audience will warm up to a possible black and white animation. View the sneak peek here.

3 Responses to “The Paper Pirate: Sneak Peek #1”

  1. Vheeona Says:

    it’s looking reall really good, johnny. keep it up! Looking foward to seeing the whole thing! I think black and white looks good. I like it

  2. tim Says:

    looks good Jman
    seen a couple animations done in B&W which worked well.. i’d like to see it in colour though. Is there any real reason to go for B&W?

  3. Jei Says:

    Nah not really. I was just mucking around. Just a possibility i guess.

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