Teasers and trailers: Happy Feet

Animal Logic’s first animated feature “Happy Feet” popped into my head again today. The 2nd trailer has been out for quite awhile and I must say I’m still not overly impressed. Being a musical comedy, its great to see a fresh take on the animated feature medium (the way the penguins came up clapping in the background had me in stitches). But one thing that still pokes me in the eye about this film are the character designs. They’re too realistic for my liking and they all look the same. Looking back at Happy Feet’s 1st trailer, the only way I could differentiate between penguins was through their voice.

Here’s hoping the film will do wonders come this Novemberrr (gotta love the marketing!)

Apparently, the front-man (or penguin) is Robin Williams.

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  1. The Phoreal Show » Blog Archive » Happy Feet is Okay-ish Says:

    […] I saw Australia’s feature 3d animation debut this morning with Happy Feet. I still don’t like what they’ve done with the characters – they all look samey. It’s hard to distinguish them apart from their voices. Mumbles (our protagonist played by Elijah Wood) is the easiest to pick out since he has puberty problems and still keeps his baby fur. […]

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