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Monday, July 31st, 2006

Quite amazing what you can find on youtube. Today I found little snippets from a childrens show that I used to love. Back in those days I would eagerly wait until 4:50pm, then pump up the volume for another dose of Pocoyo. Oh and another thing, it was only on the ABC since last year. They’ve only made 50 or so episode and you can bet your sweet arse that once it hits the streets in DVD form, I’ll be there first in line to get them – I’ll even beat up little toddlers if they’re in my way.

Below is an advert, along with a pilot episode and one of the episodes (gawd I luv that duck). It’s funny how much it’s changed from the pilot. The animation style became more like stop-motion (it’s animated in 3D), the narrator changed (I quite like his voice), and Pocoyo and the rest of his chums became so much more f*cking charming. I love it. In fact, I like Pocoyo more than that over-hyped red monster that they call Elmo.

Thanks to my baby sister Kylie who would scream my name everytime Pocoyo was on.

Wild (and nerdy) weekend

Monday, July 31st, 2006

The weekend has been kind of a blur. I had quite alot of work planned but didn’t even remotely go near it. It’s been hazy weekend of staying up late until the wee hours of the morning and waking up tired the next day for another round. Another round of what? Read on…

It all started on Thursday night when I was supposed to do some concept illustrations. Stupidly I logged onto MSN, where my managing director messaged me one word, “Warcraft?”. I can still remember cursing to myself and trying to reject the invitation, but later found myself at his doorstep ready for a match. We only played one game of Warcraft while for the rest of the 6-7 or so hours we were there, wrecked havoc in Starcraft. All 4 of us – with alcohol and hordes of soldiers at our command. Kind of a turn-on really…

Friday was just as bad. I turned up to work at lunch time hoping to get some things done but instead played Starcraft for another 17+ hours. I think at one point we had 7 players battling it out.

Saturday I woke up with this sudden urge to play Age of Empires 2 again but didn’t have a copy lying around. Driving home from the shops later on I found myself regretting the Age of Empires 2 (with conquerors expansion) $50 purchase, plus two other games totalling an additonal $30. Gay thing is, I probably won’t play the other two games. At night it was another drunken night in the city for a friend’s 22nd (I think). Ahhh… haven’t had one of those drunken city rampages in a while – buying cheeseboigers when your smashed, pinching booties (kekeke), and pumping ourselves with the courage to pick up chicks and only having that courage die as soon as we approach them… ~sigh the memories.

The Paper Pirate: Sneak Peek #1

Tuesday, July 25th, 2006

Behold! A 2-3 second sneak peak from a scene I’ve been working on. It’s been converted to black and white because the colour palette of the animation is still yet to be locked down. I’ve also been experimenting with the overall look of the animation. At the moment, it looks “dreamier” than what I had in mind. I quite like it actually, yet I’m still unsure how the audience will warm up to a possible black and white animation. View the sneak peek here.

I like Mandy like I like Candy #2

Saturday, July 22nd, 2006

Don’t know why I’ve been obessing over images of Mandy Moore recently (she’s even on my desktop!). Been taking my knowledge of blend modes abit further with this one. Original photograph here.

I like Mandy like I like Candy

Friday, July 21st, 2006

Some work in progress that I probably won’t touch again. The flares could do with some softening. Photography by James White.


Thursday, July 20th, 2006

I’ve joined the myspace bandwagon.

Add me on Click here

(image taxed from Tri)

Me Vs. Computer: 1 – 31

Wednesday, July 19th, 2006

The PSP dead? About time.

Wednesday, July 19th, 2006

I’ve never been a big fan of the PSP. Though it’s one sexy machine, its lack of killer titles make it an expensive paper weight. Its analogue stick (the thing that looks like a speaker) is utterly useless and the only game that I actually enjoy playing on it is Wip3out. Metal Gear Solid looked promising until I found out it was a card game – ON THE PSP! Despite what Sony projected the PSP to be as the most “awesomest thing ever” and what critics have said about the gimmicky and technologically inferior Nintendo DS, Nintendo still reigns supremacy in the portable gaming market.

The PSP is good for one thing though – playing pirated games and movies.

My bitching stops here, though read the little article that sparked this rant.

New inv(oi)tmethod build

Monday, July 17th, 2006

Since I now work at The Phlu, I don’t really need a portfolio site anymore (I think). So I turned invertmethod into a space where I can archive polished mindful, mindless and experimental works.

View it in all it’s unfinished glory here.

Joshua Davis and I

Monday, July 17th, 2006