Coldplay concert makes everything better

Dear Blog,
So we lost this morning to the Italians. I don’t know what else to say or feel, except that I’m heart broken. I was fully decked out with an Aussie flag and Aussie tattoos on my face watching the game down at the local RSL. We really played a top game, pity it all had to go when Fabio Grosso decided to take up acting and took a dive. Don’t worry mate, I’m sure you’re up for an Academy Award.

Much props to Mark Schwarzer  for your world class efforts! (.. and Zeljko Kalac, you  suck!)

Anyway, I just came back from the Coldplay concert which was a rocking set and lifted my spirits abit. The warm-up gig by Youth Group was bloody fantastic. I couldn’t keep my eye off the second guitarist, his energy was electric! Will buy their album when it’s out in two weeks.

Was also about to cry towards the end because Coldplay didn’t play my song-of-2005, “Fix you”. But at the last minute, they did. Pity they didn’t perform “X & Y” though. And it would’ve been more fab if they performed “Spies” too but then I might be asking too much… It was also great to see Chris Martin as a really down to earth bloke, showing some sympathy for the Aussies by donning the band and himself in Socceroos jersies. Ha, he also worked in some new lyrics for the song, “In my place” with something along the lines of, “That shouldn’t have been a penalty in the first place…”

Top Stuff.


P.s Standing for hours in the moshpit can cause back-ache
P.s.s Keep your chin up Lucas Neill! You did us proud

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  1. tim Says:

    Bah. Australia totally didn’t deserve to win that game.

  2. Jei Says:

    wateva Tim. Booooooo!

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