Old at 21

So, the time has come. Gone are the weekly karaoke and alcohol sessions that always resulted in a blurry mess (everyweek in the first half of 2005 anyone?). There was once a time where I looked forward to the end of the week, but not so much anymore. Even if I had to leave the house at midnight (things were always left to the last minute), I was always game to have some fun until the wee hours of the morning.

Now I couldn’t be arsed leaving the house even at 10pm. It could be because of the cold weather (what happened? I used to love the cold!), or maybe because every weekend now seems to consist of the same thing as the week before – nothing. Karaoke has lost it’s weekly appeal (nooo!), clubbing doesn’t have its alluring qualities anymore, and getting my arse to the city and back now feels like I’m trekking across the country.

Hmm. I think it’s probably because I’m getting old. Or maybe it’s the fact that I’m too bloody lazy. Yeah, that must be it.

These days, nights in with a DVD rock my socks.

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  1. supercoolhelen Says:

    dude i feel ya
    u need to watch them chapter movies man u wouldnt have to leave your house for days.. they are the bomb diggity.
    i wouldnt mind a party.. but i think everyone just dropped off the face of the earth..

    and its too cold

    and im too poor.. cant afford to karaoke or club..
    and most days food

    we’re at a sucky point.. its not oldness.. its just a sucky phase.. we’ll be out of it in notime and weekends will be a drunken blurry mess again..

    good times..

  2. Jei Says:


  3. susan Says:

    i do not agree.

  4. phil Says:


    you’re getting old

    next time please write me a letter arranging for a afternoon tea over scones and jam discussing tapestry stitching =P

  5. Jei Says:

    Will do. ;)

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