Las Vegas, 2011

Loved The Vegas.

Laying poolside with long islands in hand, delicious mini-burgers awaiting to be engulfed after hours of getting lost in clubs, and the fake-ness of the town that radiates an endearing charm—what’s not to like?

(April, 2011)




Original photo by Phil

Wylie Dufresne, wd~50

Wylie Dufresne showed us where the magic happens at his restaurant wd~50, New York.

Phil’s review

30+ Days in Social Media Rehab

I cut Social Media from my life cold turkey for 30+ days.

You see, I used to check Facebook and Twitter at least 20 times a day. Half the time I’d open up the page and close it in a flash if there was no hint of red indicating a notification. Whenever I was out and there was a small pocket of free time I’d jump on the good ‘ol smartphone and check up on who’s been where, who’s been doing what, or who and who have just broken up. Read more


Cowboy costume for a party back in February. Fun night ; ) Read more

Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones is the most engrossing television show since the incredible Mad Men.

It’s superbly written, the cast and characters are terrific, and the production value exceeds any other medieval/fantasy-based show like, um, Spartacus and Merlin. But hey, Game of Thrones has large amounts of metaphorical chests of gold catapulted at it from HBO. Read more


Snow Egg

Quay’s Snow Egg is to say the least, incredible.

Photo by Phil. Phil’s dinner photos and Quay review.

So Long, Old World

What I’m holding in my hand is a letter kindly reminding me that I have one issue left of my subscription to gaming magazine ‘Hyper’. And I can’t help but feel a bit melancholy because after 12 years, I won’t be renewing.

*cue violin* 

You see this isn’t just a goodbye to the magazine itself, but to the whole print medium.

*wipes tear*
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