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Around this time last year, I was in a meeting when my boss tapped me on the shoulder and told me Steve Jobs had passed away. For a moment we sat there in front of these large windows that poured light into the office. It seemed like a typical day outside. Not hot, not cold, not rainy nor windy. Just fine. Read more


Paper by FiftyThree (free) is one of the handful of productivity apps I use on iPad. It even has its own spot in the dock! Read more

30+ Days in Social Media Rehab

I cut Social Media from my life cold turkey for 30+ days.

You see, I used to check Facebook and Twitter at least 20 times a day. Half the time I’d open up the page and close it in a flash if there was no hint of red indicating a notification. Whenever I was out and there was a small pocket of free time I’d jump on the good ‘ol smartphone and check up on who’s been where, who’s been doing what, or who and who have just broken up. Read more

Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones is the most engrossing television show since the incredible Mad Men.

It’s superbly written, the cast and characters are terrific, and the production value exceeds any other medieval/fantasy-based show like, um, Spartacus and Merlin. But hey, Game of Thrones has large amounts of metaphorical chests of gold catapulted at it from HBO. Read more

So Long, Old World

What I’m holding in my hand is a letter kindly reminding me that I have one issue left of my subscription to gaming magazine ‘Hyper’. And I can’t help but feel a bit melancholy because after 12 years, I won’t be renewing.

*cue violin* 

You see this isn’t just a goodbye to the magazine itself, but to the whole print medium.

*wipes tear*
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Soundtracks of 2010

Inception (Hans Zimmer)

Time (4:36)
Best score of 2010. Pretty much captures 2010, right up to the last second. Great for reminicising old times and being grateful having my family, friends and loved ones. And being hopeful about the future.

Dream Is Collapsing (2:24)
Play this when you’re walking around looking up at buildings.

528491 (2:24)
Rises to a galactic crescendo of horns.

My favs | Entire Soundtrack Read more

Films of 2010

A fun year for movies.

Below are my favs in no particular order… (except for the first one, heh).

Please note: I’m judging these films on entertainment rather than artistic merit.


Toy Story 3
A great way to end the trilogy – the perfect bookend.

I’m always the first to reach for the sad tissues for many of the Pixar films. My eyes were watery when watching WALL-E and my cheeks were glistening from a waterfall of tears for Up. So it was no suprise that I let it all go for Toy Story 3.

Remember that Incinerator/Fire pit scene? It was the first time I felt danger and despair for our beloved plastic heroes. It was touching (and cheesy) when they all reached out for each other. It was also sad to see Rex with his tiny arms trying to reach out, providing subtle comic relief that was quickly overshadowed by the fear and desperation in all their eyes.

Oh and that ending… I’ve never been in a cinema with so many grown ups sniffing and sobbing away. Read more

That Girl

I often get this page when mistype a URL. It’s a domain parked by some company and they’ve used this image for years.

It’s always been bugging me: Who is this girl? What’s her name? Does she really go to college? Or is she in high school? Is she a natural blonde? Did she weep like many others while watching Toy Story 3? Did she even watch Toy Story 3? Is she single? What’s her favourite place for food? Is she even alive?

My annoyance with mistyping a URL is quickly replaced with wonder and curiosity when ever I see her face.

jOS 3 keynote

jOS 3

(Apologies. Most of you won’t understand what lies ahead.)

8:56am We’re now sitting in the Mascone Theatre for the jOS 3 keynote. It’s starting to fill up! The crowd is a buzzin’. Many hopeful predictions – let’s hope most of them come true!

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New Decade, New Blog

Hi there.

I see you’ve made it to my new blog. Well it’s not entirely new, I actually carried over some old doodles and art over from my old blog.

Anyhow, I just moved in. So please don’t mind the mess. For the regular readers, I’ll be focusing less on random stuff, and more on thoughts and art.

Good times.

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