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I like Mandy like I like Candy #2

Don’t know why I’ve been obessing over images of Mandy Moore recently (she’s even on my desktop!). Been taking my knowledge of blend modes abit further with this one. Original photograph here.

I like Mandy like I like Candy

Some work in progress that I probably won’t touch again. The flares could do with some softening. Photography by James White.

New inv(oi)tmethod build

Since I now work at The Phlu, I don’t really need a portfolio site anymore (I think). So I turned invertmethod into a space where I can archive polished mindful, mindless and experimental works.

View it in all it’s unfinished glory here.

Pink is the old black

5 months have passed since I came back from Nam and I haven’t made anything. Kinda breaks my heart. Well, luckily just then I remembered I made a few things that have escaped my memory. Also, I have a new catergory called, “Stuff Making”. It’s just about stuff making basically. No agenda, no brief, no nothing – just stuff making.

To kick it off, here’s a piece I was given to finish as part of a collaboration series with the kids at influidx. You can view the piece before I was let loose on it somewhere here.

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