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The story of the Toucan and the Rhino

The apple of my eye

Using art to pick up is so wrong…

There’s a funny story behind this one: I was actually in class doodling this on my arm, hoping “cleverage girl” would take notice. It didn’t work, and I felt like a tool.

Actually I felt like a complete tosser. It haunts me to this very day.

Phoreal is phree

I can’t remember why I gave it that title…

Deensaw and Phoreal on Clouds

The birth of Deenosaw

I couldn’t afford canvas, so I thought, “Fuck it, I’ll use cardboard!”.

Customised aerosol can

Wheat pasting on Valentine's Day 2005

(wow it was more than a year ago…)

Phoreal prints (the early days of the Phoreal character)

The Paper Pirate: Sneak Peek #1

Behold! A 2-3 second sneak peak from a scene I’ve been working on. It’s been converted to black and white because the colour palette of the animation is still yet to be locked down. I’ve also been experimenting with the overall look of the animation. At the moment, it looks “dreamier” than what I had in mind. I quite like it actually, yet I’m still unsure how the audience will warm up to a possible black and white animation. View the sneak peek here.

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