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Lick Me

Mary Jane Untitled #1

Mary Jane Untitled #2 here

Cardboard + Paint + Texters = Sex

One of the artworks I’ll be exhibiting at the private Canley Heights Bondi Bar on NYE. It’s so private that I don’t even know if I’ll be there on the night.

Agent Orange

Made this 9 months ago. I get pretty excited when I do hands-on stuff. Will be doing stuff for two low-key exhibitions if all goes well. One on Dec 31st and another sometime in Feb. And when I mean low-key, I really mean home-made. ­čśë


Made this for the College of Fine Arts Annual Exhibition 2005. I still don’t dig it, maybe because I did most of it the morning before the exhibition.

One thing I learnt from this is that there’s such a thing as shitty cardboard.

Farting Deenosaw

Pink Punk Issue 2 Submissions

* The Pink Punk Collective 

Xtina in yellow

Uh, I think I made this early last year while I was waiting to go out or something. I still think Christina is one sassy lass.


I make a lot of useless shit that nobody sees. This would be one of them.

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