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Clone Troopers

Clone troopers

TV show Star Wars: The Clone Wars is pretty boss.

Do we not look ridiculously awesome?



Frodo 2.0

Frodo 2.0
Notice the Elvish pattern on my undershirt. Photo by William Tran.

I’ve always been a fan of costume parties. They’re a window of oppurtunity for us escapists to step into the world under another guise. And one of my favourite guises is Frodo Baggins – or just about any old hobbit. 😉

On the night of the soirée, one of the Catwomen (there were at least 6) asked me a profound question along the lines of, “Why Frodo, Johnny why?”

To which I wanted to quip, “Idiot. Why not? No one would ever dress as Frodo. This is a Hero & Villian’s themed le partay. Who would ever think of dressing up as a poor, helpless little hobbit? Everyone would be dressing up as a generic hero, like Batman or Spiderman. And I think too highly of myself to think of such a literal interpretation of this party’s theme. Coming as someone as understated as a hobbit would be pure GENIUS.”

But in truth, I uttered, “Well, um. I look more like a hobbit than an elf.” Read more

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