Inception (Hans Zimmer)

Time (4:36)
Best score of 2010. Pretty much captures 2010, right up to the last second. Great for reminicising old times and being grateful having my family, friends and loved ones. And being hopeful about the future.

Dream Is Collapsing (2:24)
Play this when you’re walking around looking up at buildings.

528491 (2:24)
Rises to a galactic crescendo of horns.

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The Social Network (Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross)

Hand Covers Bruise (4:19)
Life can be bittersweet.

In Motion (4:57)
You too can feel like you’re in a montage where Zuckerg made FaceSmash. Great for working though (on a computer).

Intriguing Possibilities (4:24)
My ideal score is one that slowly builds like a snowball. Different sound elements tack themselves onto it as time progresses. This track is all that. Slow building, chaotic, organic, as well as having guitar riffs stabbing through it.

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TRON: Legacy (Daft Punk)

Fall (1:23)
Abosolutely. Astoundingly. Epic. Easily my favourite from the soundtrack.

The Game Has Changed (3:26)
Everybody’s favourite is clearly a winner. My favourite part is at 1:09 when the bass fuzzes out.

Rinzler (2:18)
Slow-walk to this.

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Medal of Honor 2010 (Djawadi)

Heroes Abroad (5:11)
The first time I heard the theme for this 2010 game was in an ad. It’s a beautiful tune that’s been stuck in my head ever since. Watch the ad, it’s emotional… and stuff.

The Summit (2:48)
That exotic violin/horn thing is from another world.

All Rounds Expended (2:48)
Good for a night’s stroll with 20kg of equipment on your back and dying from dehydration.

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The Pacific (Hans Zimmer, Geoff Zanelly & Blake Neely)

Honor – Main theme (5:11)
Hans Zimmer really has a knack for writing great scores for war themed shows/films/games. Watch the show’s opening credits for the full ‘honourable’ effect.

There’s an Oboe and Strings version of the score too. It’s more focused and cosy.

Landing Peleliu (3:23)
All I picture is flying through clouds.

Men at War (2:33)
Great for contemplation, especially under a blanket of moonlight.

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Update: Because I know you love soundtracks too, I’ve compiled all these scores into a 2010 playlist for your listening pleasure.