jOS 3

(Apologies. Most of you won’t understand what lies ahead.)

8:56am We’re now sitting in the Mascone Theatre for the jOS 3 keynote. It’s starting to fill up! The crowd is a buzzin’. Many hopeful predictions – let’s hope most of them come true!

9:10am 10 mins late. What’s happening?

9:19am Ooh the lights are finally dimming. Hope you have your jOS3 bingo cards ready, here we go!

9:25am Le has walked onstage. Round of applause and cheering from the crowd. Ha, his trademark doofus haircut never gets old.

Le on stage

9:26am “Good morning! Thanks for coming. I couldn’t wait to get in here. It was so hot outside!” Laughs all round.

9:27am “We have so many exciting things for you all…”

9:29am “You know, for the past 5 years, jOS 2 has served our J devices very well…”

Le is going on about the milestones they’ve achieved. UniDegree was a stepping stone, iEntrepreneur was a hobby that had a good run and MyFirstJob was a excellent foot in the door to the world of “real work”.

9:35am “But we’ve also had some mishaps along the way. Holidays had a great start but did not continue on so well. And Health, well, we all know how that carried out… ” He’s really transparent today.

9:37am “Today, we’re very excited to bring you the latest update to our fantastic jOS. And it’s called jOS 3” The crowd goes ballistic and we don’t even know what’s in it yet.

9:42am He’s broken up the keynote into 4 tent-poles, “Let’s start with the first one.” I can hear everyone propping up getting ready to stab their keyboards with their fingers.

9:45am “Our first tentpole. Is Don’t-Be-Lazy Tasking” We called it! The crowd is roaring.

9:47am “For years our customers have complained that their J devices don’t do enough. Most of the time simply because out of laziness. Don’t-Be-Lazy Tasking is the new backbone of jOS 3. Our engineers have done a very fine job with it. We’re very, very proud.”

9:50am “This is the most important building block of jOS 3. And we’re really excited.”

9:56am Number two is next, “Over the years we’ve worked hard with our developers to get the most out of the J devices, especially when it comes to massive system resource hogs such as Time. With this new release we’ve culled back all the Time hogs in order to make room more important things.”

Le explains the system hogs of previous jOS releases

10:01am Not surprised that some TV show viewing is gone, but Gaming has gotten the axe! People are stunned – and not in a good way either. “Sometimes you can’t ride on all horses, so we’ve dropped Gaming in favour of another which we’ll get to soon enough”

10:08am Yikes, this will certainly be a major point of discussion on tonight’s podcast…

10:10am “So a revamped architecture is our 2nd tent-pole. Number 3…”

10:13am “You know, when one lives on this planet, one should experience life to the fullest. And part of experiencing life is to simply see the world.”

10:18am “The world is a vast space. And in between lies adventure, stories, experiences and good old fashion fun.” Oh my, this is it…

10:21am “… And how do we experience the world? Travel. That’s why today we’re very excited to present the third tent-pole – Adventure Pro.”

10:25am The crowd is going nuts. Butt-loads of fist pumping. Le is waiting patiently for the crowd to quiet down.

Adventure Pro

10:26am “Other platforms have had travelling for years, so we’re finally bringing support for it. It’s an open standard and we’re very pleased to be supporting it today. Boom.”

10:30am Le has a map of the world with some areas filled in, “We’ve already rolled it out to Melbourne and Saigon. And by 2011, we’ll hopefully be reaching some other regions including New Zealand, New York, Paris and Tokyo.”

Adventure Pro roll out

10:32am Demo Time!

10:38am Adventure Pro won’t just be for travelling it seems, but a whole new way of looking at the world through the eyes of some who has a new found thirst for fun.

10:40am “And now our fourth tent-pole.”

10:42am Le is now going on about health and how it important is and how it was neglected during the past 2 jOS releases.

10:44am “Users have been requesting this feature for years, but it is only now that we’ve figured out a way to make it great”

10:45am jFit is the fourth tent-pole. Not only is it just about fitness but overall health where food is involved.

10:48am “A body is like a car. You should only put in good fuel. So we’ve cut support for a lot of the crappy foods out there. The body will now be a closed and curated ecosystem.” Bad news for bad foods today. “We don’t want any nasty foods that will cause harm to our users.”

10:49am Le quickly brushes over the exercise side of things. Looks like running will be it for the moment.

10:51am “And those are our four tent-poles… but there’s one more thing…”

One more thing

10:52am OOOOOHHH!

10:55am “You know, friends and family are probably the most important things in our lives. Good friends and family will last a life time. And our time on this planet is short, so we should make the most of it by bonding with these souls. No matter what happens in our lives, we can always count on those close to us to help get us through.”

10:58am Pretty sure the guy next to me just shed a tear.

10:59am “We feel it’s not about making as many friends and connections as you can. But about building on the relationships you already have. It is about the relationships. In order to reconnect with those important to us, we’ve created something called FriendsTime.”

11:02am “And we think this little video we made sums it up best. Would you like to see it?”

11:03am The lights are dimmed and we’re greeted with some slowed-down footage of people talking and laughing. There’s some warm soft jazz playing over.


11:03am Now there’s a dog jumping and gently pushing over a little boy. His hair is as messy as the dog’s. They’re hugging tightly as if letting go would make the world disappear.

11:03am Now some friends are sitting in an outside spa. They’re covered in bubbles with a thunderstorm raging in the background. But it doesn’t matter because they’re having a good time. They don’t have a care in the world.

11:04am Now we see some kids playing in the yard and we’re slowly zooming in on an old couple hand in hand. He puts his arms around her. Life is good.

11:05am Lights are back on. The auditorium is silent. Le softly clears his throat, “So that, is FriendsTime. We think it’s really, really special. We hope you’re excited as we are.”

11:02am “And that’s jOS 3. We have some remarkable new features and updates: Don’t-Be-Lazy Tasking; A revamped architecture; Adventure Pro; jFit; and of course FriendsTime.”

11:04am “It will be available as a free download in 4 weeks. But for developers we’re seeding it out today.”

11:06am “Don’t forget we have lots on show today so have a play around and our engineers are on hand if you have any questions. Thank you for coming!”

11:08am And that’s it! Some major wins. Be sure to check up on our uStream chat later today!